About TTT

A Little Dream
TTT Ranch was created to provide my family and the animals and people that pass through our lives with a wondrous experience with equine and great memories to hold dear for a lifetime.

When I was a young girl my parents purchased my first horse “Ashes” when I was 9 years old. Not too long after that (age 11), I wanted to show and wanted a quarter horse. My parents told me that if I could keep two horses on what it cost them to keep my one horse and could pay for the horse myself, I could have a show horse. I combed the neighborhood and found a wonderful family where the mother wanted a horse to ride and they had a few acres.

It was settled, she would lease my horse Ashes and in exchange I could keep Ashes and another horse there if I provided food for both horses. By age 12, I had saved $1,500.00 and soon was out looking for a horse.

Finding Flashy
I found Flashy at Bay Meadows. He was a race-horse reject that wouldn’t run unless he bucked the jockey off. I convinced Mr. Tracy to sell him to me for such a small amount based on my promise to promote his non-racing horses for the show ring.

It was over after than, Flashy and were winning at local shows in a matter of months and that horse was the best horse and the most influential figure in my life at that time (outside of my parents of course).

A Difficult Decision
Well, at about 17 I had car insurance, the thought of college or vocational school and a board bill, all of which I could not afford while waiting tables at a local restaurant...not to mention boyfriends which took time away from my horse.....I decided to sell Flashy to my dear friends and kept in contact with him as he was sold two more times and then retired.

I made a promise to myself and Flashy that I would never, never have to sell a horse again. I had moved North of Sacramento on several acres and was going to make it my little ranch where my horses could live out their lives with no fear of being sold because I could not afford to keep them.

A Happy Ending
Eleven years after I vowed never to have to sell another horse, Flashy, came back to me at 19 year old, lame but not in pain. He retired and died on TTT Ranch, his memory and my love for him inspiring us to this day.

Lots of Love at TTT Ranch

There is lots of love at TTT Ranch. We have two young boys we are raising to love and appreciate animals, and we bring many other children to the ranch to have the opportunity to see, feel and enjoy animals in a happy loving environment. Hopefully, we will be able to continue doing this for years to come.

Thank you for taking to the time to read about what inspired us and for sharing in our love for these beautiful creatures.


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