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Sale horse pictures and TTT Ranch Lesson and lay up pricing:

Currently we are in the process of starting our breeding program.  We therefore have no horses for sale at this time.

12 lessons for $250.00  ($25.00 per lesson with two free lessons for a 12 session sign up)

Half-hour lessons for smaller children $15.00 per lesson

If you are going on vacation and don't want to leave your horse in his/her stall for the week or two you are gone.  We will horse sit for you.  We will hand walk, lounge or turn your horse out daily and provide a stall or field for your horse(s) during your absence.  We will give your horse some tender loving care and grooming.

These services are provided at the rate of $150-200 per week depending on animal and level of care you wish us to provide.  We are a small facility and only take in 1-3 horses at a time. 

Please contact us for further information.





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